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  • Document your device training (briefings) and keep your digital device pass as a side effect
  • Avoid duplication of documentation by simply sharing your device passport with facilities
  • Receive information, manuals and instructions for your medical devices at any time

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Your facility

  • Record all your medical devices in your inventory in accordance with the law
  • Reduce administrative processes by managing appointments and maintenance measures for your devices via queries and notifications according to your needs
  • Document your employees' training and briefings completely paperless

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Top features of

Personal device passport

Secure your training certificates independently of your employer. Every device training course you receive is stored directly in your personal profile.

Simple take inventory

Use to record all medical devices in your facility with just a few clicks and without any prior knowledge.

Free device catalog

Use the device catalog free of charge with current device models and associated usage and safety information.

Digital device trainings

Automatically identify missing referrals and close referral gaps in a fully digital and paperless way.

Clear scheduling

Define dates for device inspections, appointment types and associated intervals individually and map your processes automatically.

Legally compliant evidence

All evidence for audits, official inspections & liability issues is paperless and directly available.

Data protection compliant and secure

As a European company that offers online services in the healthcare sector, we are deeply committed to protecting the data and privacy of our users. Data storage takes place in Europe.