Platform Update at 01/12/2023


Happy New Year 2023 and good health and success!

It's update time again! Despite the Christmas season and New Year, we have continued to work on over the past weeks. We have taken into account many suggestions from our users and implemented them as new functions as well as eliminated a few inconsistencies - better known as bugs.

As always, the update will go online without downtime on 01/12/2023 and will be directly available to you. Below we have described for you what exactly we have changed or added to the platform:


💡 Update 1: General

  • For invitations, we now inform the sender via our notification system if the email invitation could not be delivered (which happens when the email address is incorrect).
  • We have further optimized the facilities overview page (selection and creation) to make it easier for new users to choose the right action.
  • It is now possible to specify in the facility that no new operations (security actions) are automatically created when new security messages are distributed for the device types.
  • A facility can create its own created device types (not public) and use them for inventory. In the settings it is now possible to select other known facilities with which to share this data. Several facilities can thus share their own and/or specially created device types with each other.

🔖 Update 2: Employees and trainings

  • The matrix overview now allows to select employees and then to create a new briefing directly with the selection.

  • In the forms of the briefings it is now possible to display the details in the dialog for a device type.

  • Instead of manually entering an employee who is to carry out the training, this employee is now selected from the personnel master data. In the dialog, it is thus possible to filter who has been trained on all device types for easier selection.

🛠 Update 3: Inventories, dates and events

  • For inventories, we have extended the status for active devices (Active - "Limited use" and "Out of order"). This status can be changed in the inventory or in a transaction.
  • In the setup data you can store the default currency. This selection is used as a preselection when creating a new device in the inventory. In operations, the currency is assumed to be the default.
  • In operations, not only attachments from the type catalog are now displayed directly in the inventory dialog, but now also attachments from the inventory.
  • The due date of operations of the same type (for example, inspections) can now be reset directly from the list. To do this, select the operations and then click the "Reschedule" action.

🔮 Outlook - Stay tuned!

We also have a lot planned for 2023!

  • The user portal is entering the final round. We have evaluated the feedback from our users and hope to make the first version available to users in a few weeks.

  • For our manufacturer-partners and service provider-partners, we continue to work on evaluating and implementing the processes and data collection. The goal is to ensure that facilities receive optimal data and that communication between all parties involved is further improved.

  • Many are already using the landing page after calling it up via the Samedis QR sticker on their devices. In addition to the information we will provide there, this year we will enable users to initiate trainings and trainings directly from the page and receive support in case of problems.


We hope you like the update and look forward to your feedback!

Your developer team

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