Plattform Update at March 9, 2023

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It's update time again! In the last weeks we have continued to work on We have taken into account many suggestions from our users and implemented them as new functions as well as eliminated a few inconsistencies - better known as bugs.

As always, the update will go online without downtime on 03.09.2023 and will be available to you directly. Below we have described for you what exactly we have changed or added to the platform:


💥 is Online!

The time has come. With, you now have access to many other features in addition to your personal training certificates. Document briefings free of charge and receive information on devices, messages and appointments from all the facilities in which you work. Everything in your personal profile.


You maintain the data of your employees in and have the right "Edit employee data"? Then simply invite your employees to create their personal account by email directly via

invite-enImportant! A valid e-mail address must be stored for the employees. Invited employees do not initially receive access to other functions in, such as group management or training matrix. You can authorize them for other functions at any time via the access management of


🛠 Report and process incidents!

Landing-Page - Request Help

With you can now easily report defects or malfunctions on your devices. Simply scan the QR code on your device and describe the problem. You can also add pictures or videos.


The messages are sent directly to the relevant support team within your facility and you can track the status of your messages live via


As a support team, you can create a repair order directly in from the fault message or, if necessary, shut down the device. Using the integrated feedback function, you can always keep the reporter up to date or contact them directly in case of queries.


Note: The direct connection of external service partner companies or your own in-house system is already prepared. Just get in touch with us.


🔖 Other changes and optimizations

  1. New menu item
    Under More apps you can easily switch between the individual applications such as and
  3. Filter optimization
  4. For the column filters, we now put the focus in the input field so you can type directly.

Merge two employees
In the employee administration, you can now merge two persons. This is necessary if trainings have already been documented for both persons, but you subsequently discover that the person was accidentally entered twice in

Number of trainings carried out
For user trainings, we now show how many times the person providing the training has already performed training on the devices.

New issues status
In the issues, we have added a new status Pending so that tasks can be marked even better.

Plausibility check for date fields
We have implemented plausibility checks for some date fields. now warns you if, for example, an instruction or maintenance is in the past. You can still save the records at any time.

New dashboard filter
On the dashboard, under Inventory, you will now find a default  access that shows only scheduled and ongoing events.

Set departments and locations to inactive
You can now set departments and locations that are no longer needed to inactive without deleting them. This preserves their history, but ensures that they are no longer used.

New reporting
Under the new application, you will find a variety of standardized reports and evaluations for your facility in the future. In the first step we provide an audit list, which shows the last and next date for the individual inventories per maintenance type. In addition, we have provided some standard statistics, such as inventories and events across all your facilities.


🔮 Outlook - Stay tuned!

We are in the starting blocks for many topics!

The reporting system is to be further expanded. We are happy to receive ideas and suggestions for this via our community area. 

At the same time, we are working with many manufacturers and service partners (maintenance service, etc.) on functions and content that will benefit you. We will keep you up to date.


We hope you like the update and look forward to your feedback!

Your developer team

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