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Latest updates at Even more efficient and user-friendly!

It's time again to tell you about the latest developments at Our goal has always been to provide you with the best possible experience and optimize your workflow. In this update, we've focused on some important features that will make your work easier and give you more flexibility. Here are the exciting news:

📤  Share your trainings effortlessly
In, you could already view your admissions from connected facilities and document your own admissions. But now it gets even better! You can now share your admissions with all connected facilities. This feature is not only interesting for attending physicians, freelancers and similar professionals, but also for you when you start at new employers. With this update, you'll always have your digital device passport at your fingertips!

📎 Create device systems and use them in trainings
We have added a great feature to save you time and effort. From now on you can assign each inventory to a main inventory and thus form a device system. These device systems are displayed as a list and can be selected during briefings. This means that all device types that belong to a certain device system are automatically included in the briefing. Another relief for your daily work!

⏱️ Ad-hoc training via QR code
We want to increase your efficiency, so we've developed a quick and easy way to conduct ad hoc training. It's simple: scan the QR code, select the desired briefing, and you'll be presented with a list of colleagues who can conduct the briefing. Select a person from the list, and together you can conduct the briefing and digitally sign it. The briefing manager reviews the briefings, confirms them, and they are then accepted and committed. A smooth process for instant training!

💥 Optimizations for an even better user experience
We have also made some optimizations to make even more user-friendly:

Categorize your contacts: Each service contact can now be assigned to the services it offers. This way you can keep an overview and quickly find the right contacts.

Filter inventories by referral group: In the overview, there are now new status filters that allow you to filter inventories by type. This makes your work easier and saves valuable time.

Confirmation dialog for removing devices and employees in trainings and groups: To avoid accidental deletions, we've added a confirmation dialog. This way you can be sure that you only remove what you really want to remove.

Inventory number in the requests overview: The overview now only shows the inventory number to give you a better orientation. A new column that helps you to keep track of your requests.

Device type selection: The dialog for selecting the device type now also allows you to filter by instruction groups. This way you can find the desired device type even faster.

We hope that you will enjoy these updates at and that they will further improve your workflow. Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible experience and make your work easier. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and don't hesitate to share your feedback with us. Your opinion is important to us!

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