Plattform Update am 15 May 2023

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It's update time again! During the last weeks we have been working on We have taken many suggestions from our users into account and implemented them as new functions as well as eliminated a few inconsistencies - better known as bugs.

As always, the update will go online without downtime on 15 May 2023 and will be available to you directly. Below we have described for you what exactly we have changed or added to the platform:


Approve trainings

Trainings in paper form only become effective after an additional check in step 5 "Confirm training" and are listed in the training records.

This step can now optionally also be performed by an independent instance. For a better overview and easier processing, we have introduced an additional key figure on the dashboard for this instance.



🆘 Incidents become Requests

We have listened to your feedback and further optimized our new reporting system. Since you can use this system not only to send error messages, but also to receive general support for your devices, we have renamed the error messages to requests.

Additionally, we have removed the button report occurrence in the action menu of a device. Of course, an occurrence can still be reported and documented via a new action as before.

🛠 Responsible person

In addition to requests, all actions (maintenance, repairs, issues, etc.) can now optionally be assigned to a responsible person. This supports facilities where several people are involved in maintenance.

In addition to your own employees, service contacts (contact persons) can also be selected if the corresponding service company is disposited for the selected device.



🔖  Other changes and optimizations

  1. Compact display device
  2. In all lists with the display of device model, device type and manufacturer, we have added a compact column for the type to improve the overview. The columns are still available as individual columns for display or Excel export.
  4. E-Mail notifications
    So that you will not miss anything, we now also send you unread notifications by mail. So you will always be informed, even if you don't have open. 

Putting devices back into operation
Retired devices can now be put back into operation. Both the retirement and the recommissioning are automatically recorded in the medical device book.

Dashboard calendar gets more filters
It is already possible to set filters in the calendar on the home page. We have extended this for you with a filter all open actions. With the possibility to select a responsible person for actions, there is now the possibility to display only my tasks on the calendar.

Invitation of employees to
You can easily invite employees to via the menu item Employees. With this invitation you can now easily decide whether they are also allowed to make inquiries about devices.

New inventory function
Authorized users can now easily document an inventory via the action menu of a device or by scanning the QR code. All inventory entries are then visible in the new inventory history of the device.


🔮 Ausblick - Stay tuned!

  • The reporting system is to be further expanded. We are happy to receive ideas and suggestions for this via our community area. 

    At the same time, we are working with many manufacturers and service partners (maintenance service, etc.) on functions and content that will benefit you. We will keep you up to date.
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We hope you like the update and look forward to your feedback!

Your developer team

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