Medical technology as it should be: simple, digital, legally compliant. is the new platform that relieves you of all the time-consuming and legally required paperwork related to medical devices. So that you can concentrate on what is important to you: your work and your patients.

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Your digital platform for medical technology is here!

Repeat training for medical equipment you know inside out just because it was not documented according to the law? Still doing briefings and notifications manually or even by hand? Never having information like manuals and instructions at hand when you need it? 

We want you and your team to spend less time on administrative processes and documentation - and focus on your work and patients. is a cloud-based software for digital device management that has been developed from the daily routine of clinics and practices.

All the advantages for you and your team

Digitally organised device briefings

Planning, routing slips, signing - the intuitive interface guides you step by step through each training process. 100% paperless via tablet or smartphone.

Document training courses in a legally compliant manner

You also fulfil legal requirements: every training is automatically documented in digital medical device books and as a personal record.

Secure personal records permanently

Secure your trainings records independent of your employer: Every training course is documented directly in your personal account.

Mobile usable via any device is a cloud-based software that can be used anywhere via PC, tablet or smartphone. The self-explanatory interface ensures quick and easy use.

Get information directly

Manuals, manufacturer informations, faults: We are working on making it possible for you to scan a QR code on the unit to get information or send problem reports.

Extremely quick and easy to inventory devices

New device in your area? Thanks to immediately retrievable device information and clearly assigned QR codes, medical devices can be inventoried more quickly and easily than ever before.

Just for you:

We are constantly working on making even more valuable - for medical institutions and especially for you as a user. is your personal and permanently free account, which you can already use to permanently document all your completed equipment training courses across all jobs.  

In the future, we want to offer you many more functions here: for example, simulation videos for training and further education or forums for the exchange of knowledge.  

Do you have ideas and wishes on how to make your everyday work with medical devices easier and safer? Use and tell us about it! 


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  • Digital everyday working life
  • Less administration
  • Simple and legally secure