Sustainability project in Kyrgyzstan

After three years of distance learning in Nepal and Uzbekistan, we were allowed to travel to Kyrgyzstan for the first time on site.

IMG_0877We are part of a consulting team for establishing a sustainable maintenance concept in medical technology. 👍
In addition to the overwhelming impressions of this country and its people, we were particularly impressed by the varying quality of the hospital equipment and the commitment of the people. Here we achieve the best possible with the means we have.
📱Who would be surprised - we had network connection almost everywhere. Even in historical radiology or reprocessing, smartphones and Internet access are omnipresent in all generations. 
Yes - administrative processes are also familiar here, and in our workshops at the Ministry of Health we saw many things that we also know in Germany: A lot of administration, little benefit for the user. But fax machines are definitely history here 😊

🔖 In the WHO report from 2000, we correctly read: “... without functioning health care facilities, medical equipment and medicines, it does not matter if the knowledge, skills and staff levels are high. The delivery of services will still be poor.” 
But we also recognize today that technology that is too complex is simply not used without knowledge. This is impressively documented by a museum-aged X-ray machine that is in daily use and a state-of-the-art CT that cannot be put into operation due to a lack of skilled personnel.

We are still in the phase of getting to know each other and are already excited about how we can support. But one thing is already clear - here we can learn from each other. 



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