Medical technology comprehensively rethought.


The digital platform Samedis combines solutions for the requirements of users, manufacturers as well as technicians and thus increases the benefit of outpatient and inpatient service providers.

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Ismaning, June 22, 2021 - Connecting users, manufacturers and technicians in the field of medical technology is what the new Samedis platform is all about. Sana-Medizintechnisches Servicezentrum GmbH (MTSZ) has developed a solution that accelerates and simplifies processes in both outpatient and inpatient settings. "From our own experience, we know how important it is to relieve medicine and care of administrative processes," says Thorsten Reichle, managing director of MTSZ, adding, "Our goal in the development was to present the complicated in a simple way and to design a solution that is equally suitable for doctors' and physio practices as well as clinics." Managing medical equipment has been a significant workload in the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities. Practices in particular, but also surgery centers and clinics, often have to resort to complex or self-developed solutions to keep equipment inventory lists up to date, document equipment briefings, track safety messages or organize inspection and repair intervals. These are precisely the processes that the Samedis software solution focuses on.

Cloud spart Zeit und Geld

If a facility decides to use Samedis, the corresponding device data is stored in the portal after registration. Users can control and document maintenance, inspections and repairs via the cloud. Equipment training can be organized in the same way. This aspect alone makes it possible to trace which employees have been instructed in which device over many years and saves a considerable amount of paper and printing costs. The extent to which data is fed into the cloud, which is secured by the highest IT security standards, can be decided individually and depends on which functions of Samedis are used.

In view of the large number of medical devices on the market, there is a great deal of focus on the issue of safety notifications. Since the introduction of the medical device safety officer, the industry has had a contact person in larger healthcare facilities, but due to the rotation of the place of use of the devices, it is often not possible to place the reports precisely in the clinics. In the case of safety reports, the medical device safety officers must research how they are affected by the problem. In the future, Samedis will bring simplification and security for both sides. The industry sends and reaches the affected facilities connected to Samedis directly with their messages. "Security messages are centrally recorded, routed and sent to the users at our company. targeted to those devices that are in use on site," explains Thomas Merz, Head of MTSZ Corporate Development: "Samedis is therefore a great lever in the direction of patient safety."

As further fields of application arise in the future with the technical development possibilities, Samedis puts the independent platform idea and user benefits in the foreground - and this worldwide. For example, work is already underway on the availability of user manuals and videos to provide quality-assured information for everyday use.

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