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"The device management is far too complicated!"

Sound familiar? Often healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with the management of medical devices. For many, the topic is too time-consuming or complex. This often results in documentation errors, gaps in device instructions and legal risks.


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  1. All device information at one place
  2. Complete inventory at on click
  3. Medical device logs and test reports fully digital and available at any time
  4. Integrated fault indication system
  5. Legally compliant and paperless documentation of all device trainings
  6. Cloud-based for mobile, direct and maintenance-free use

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Fully digital access to inventories, instructions for use, medical device books, information on device testing or the option of paperless referral management.

Perfect cooperation

Optimise the schedule management of device inspections. Receive service-specific device lists and provide device-related, direct and fully digital results.

Fully digital and legally compliant

Register new devices and document initial trainings completely paperless.

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