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Make all medical device information easily and directly accessible to your users and keep them up to date.

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Unique in the combination of knowledge and process solution

Overview Samedis.care solution
Overview Samedis.care solution
  • Growing platform with standard features and connectivity options, generic and reduced to the bare essentials
  • Cloud solution based on modern open source technologies
  • Self-service principle for administration with control of access rights, no special IT knowledge required
  • Directly updated, reliable vendor knowledge
  • Simple process functions with orchestration of communication to connected systems and people

Manufacturer benefits


Manufacturer are listed

on our website, which supports the initiative to bring information to all end users around the world. Within the application, if desired, also as a manufacturer and service contact in direct access for users.


Manufacturer Products

are available in our public catalog for facilities and end users with one click. For this purpose, each individual device can be registered to track the life cycle.

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Share your safety messages

Your messages reach not only the facilities, but directly the users. Samedis creates measures as needed, which also allow for anonymous feedback.

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We offer more opportunities for market monitoring and sustainability

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