Connecting knowledge

We believe that knowledge grows sharing it within the network. So join us to be a part of it!

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Knowledge right where it is needed

As a user, I want to be able to access information about the device at any time without having to search.

As a facility, I always want to have up-to-date information available.

As a medical technology service provider, I want to offer my customers optimal benefits while reducing expenses.

As a manufacturer, I want to ensure that users always receive up-to-date information and new messages directly without detours in a timely manner.



We are building a community and service platform for everyone involved with medical devices in the healthcare sector.

We,, open this platform to anyone who wants to participate and share our idea to improve medical device use and management to help our heroes (nurses and doctors) in their daily work.

Manufacturers can contact us and register their devices on our platform to distribute all necessary data direct to the facilities and users. Unlike others do, our platform will never charge our users for this data, we will provide this for free!

Service providers can contact us and get listed in our network to provide services and information for their existing customer, and probably new customers within the network.

Facilities can test and create our platform for free to benefit from the features and free content.

Coming soon: Users may register for free on to view their digital device pass, show their trainings and access all information around medical.devices.